A 52 year-old woman sues Victoria’s Secret over claimed v-string injury

Yes, take in the title. Now when you get over that, keep reading.

The Smoking Gun has the court papers filed by a Los Angeles woman who claims that a decorative metallic piece flew off a defective Victoria’s Secret “low rise v-string” (slightly different from a g-string – Karolina Kurkova is pictured in a VS one, right) last May. In the paper she alleges that a decorative metallic piece flew off the garment and struck her in her eye, causing injuries.

The 52-year-old woman’s lawyer, Jsaon Buccat, says that the eye injury caused his client, a traffic officer, to miss a few days of work and will be “affecting her the rest of her life.”

No monetary damages have been specified, while Buccat refuses to turn over the undergarment to Victoria’s Secret officials to examine.

Check out the court papers filed here.


  • Joe says:

    seems to me that once you hit a certian age it can be harmful to wear young girl apparel. She should be buying underwear that can double as a parachute. (incase some one pushes her off a building for dressing like a skank)

  • Armine Abrahamyan says:

    I think it is not true, it sounds like a joke!


  • Kate says:

    Some of the things people try to sue for. This should be thrown out of court.

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