The Diorphone: a two in one mobile phone by Dior

Joining Prada and Giorgio Armani in the luxury mobile phone market is Christian Dior with their Diorphone.

Manufactured with ModeLabs, the phone features Dior’s signature vintage cannage quilting detail embossed on the metal, your standard luxury phone style touch screen display and a camera… So aside from all the usual specs, you’re probably wondering what is so special about this phone that you can’t get from your Prada/Armani/iPhone/Blackberry you ask? Well you get a mini phone!

For only €3,500 you can score yourself two phones for the price of one.

The Diorphone comes with a handy little phone about the size of a matchbox is dubbed the My Dior and acts as a phone extender that clips to the side of your bag to reduce the time you need to find your phone in your oversized bag. The My Dior mini phone also comes with a built-in mirror for quick touch ups after your phone conversation too.

The phone is set to go on sale in Dior boutiques next month in an array of colours.


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