Patricia Field to design for Australian department store chain, Myer

Last week came the announcement that Patricia Field was designing a collection for British retailer, Marks & Spencer. This week Australian department chain, Myer are teaming up with the Sex and the City costume designer for a one off collection.

According to the Australian, the release said that the collection titled, Destination Style New York, will be sold in each one of Myer’s 65 stores around the country, the line will “capture the essence of Patricia Field’s fashion world as seen in Sex and the City, The Devil Wears Prada, Ugly Betty and Cashmere Mafia.”

It will be available at all 65 Myer stores Australia wide from October 18.

As a side note, the woman has already designed a collection for Barbie, Payless, ASOS and Diet Coke bottles for Coca-Cola Great Britainn – is Patricia Field the new serial collaborator?


  • kitty says:

    why on earth would we want to be American wannabes?
    I don’t want to see Carrie etc clones wandering the streets of Australia.
    Or is it already too late?

  • angelaseeangelablog says:

    Eww OMG the wannabes are going to be all over it.

  • DeSmitten says:

    I think that if she does a line for department stores it might end up looking cheap, a lot of the things she dresses the women of Sex and the City in are designer very expensive pieces.

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