Michelle Trachtenberg’s got a jewelry line called Bella Veritas?

Yup, you read it right, the actress that is currently guest staring in Gossip Girl has been dabbling in the world of jewelry design as well as blogging about her days on the set of the popular TV drama for Cosmopolitan.

It was way back in late 2006 when Michelle Trachtenberg launched her Bella Veritas jewelry collection; which is made up of hand-made pieces created with semi-precious stones and feature silver charms in the shape of handcuffs, skulls and guns, hearts, Buddha icons and four leaf clovers.

And it seems that she will plug it any way she can since she hasn’t held back on talking about Bella Veritas (Latin for beautiful truth) on her Cosmo blog, with Trachtenberg letting readers know all about her hobby:

But I have to admit, the item I’m most excited to wear is the black onyx gold skull necklace from my own jewelry line, “Bella Veritas.” I started making necklaces as a side hobby and really just for fun (anyone who knows me will tell you I can’t sit still!). Slowly but surely after passing my necklaces out as gifts to my friends I decided to take my necklace making show on the road! Every piece is one of a kind, hand made by me. I use semi precious stones l tourmalines, peridots, amethyst, topaz, garnets etc. And they have an awesome little charm to add some extra bling. I also make bracelets because I think you can never stop layering your jewels! And really, who doesn’t love to add some sparkle to their outfits?!

Oh plug central that paragraph was. Now which friends has she been handing out her designs to you ask? Oh only the likes of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lydia Hearst and Mila Kunis.

Check out her Cosmo blog post here, or a few pieces from her new collection online at ShopatMilk.com.


  • Kitty says:

    harmless pieces enough but the celeb plugging has devalued them.

  • Kate says:

    At least she HAND MAKES the stuff herself, unlike many other celebrity lines. Sure, it is unlikely she could have had the opportunity to do this if she weren’t a celebrity, but at least it is her creative juices that flow into each item. She obviously loves doing it too, or she would not still be making them herself.

  • Chen says:

    It’s good she makes them herself. Sorry though these pieces look like something from the markets. And not in a good way.

  • Liz says:

    First off $120.00?I know shes exicited but hionestly not worth it,first of all they look like something that you made when you were younger and had one of those cheap bead crafting kits.Theres no way those would go for that price,if she wasnt famous,sure there hand crafted but still its just another celebrity trying to push their crap on us.

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