Ksubi to collaborate with Kanye West’s Pastelle

If Ksubi wasn’t cool enough already, they’re profile are about to get a little big bigger and cooler thanks to news of their collaboration with Pastelle, Kanye West’s fashion label.

The denim boys will create a sunglasses collection with Pastelle with the collection aptly called, Ksubi for Pastelle, the range is set to launch globally in October. Designed by Ksubi co-founder, George Gorrow, the collections centre piece will be a limited edition pair of sunglasses which will retail for about $2,000 – and according to a news report it has already received orders from Japanese buyers, sight unseen.

“I love the sunnies Ksubi has produced over the years, and it’s an honour to collaborate with them on this first instalment of Pastelle frames,” West said. “George is an incredibly talented designer, and I’ve never met anyone who knew more about sunglasses and other cool stuff.”

“At our first design session at Kanye’s place in LA we spent two days talking and going over shapes,” Gorrow said. “He allowed me to push the design but playing on his aesthetic. He’s not afraid to try new things, and I guess that is why he is where he is.”

The pair first worked together when Ksubi created a collection of eyewear for West to wear in 2006 for a series of music videos for the Grammy award winning artist.