Kate Moss’ white wedding for Agent Provocateur

As Billy Idol sang, it’s a nice day for a white wedding, so today is an good as any to talk about Kate Moss playing a virginal bride for Agent Provocateur.

As the blogosphere revealed a few weeks ago, Kate Moss was being photographed by Nick Knight for her latest film series for Agent Provocateur, the first of which will launch tomorrow. Kate was chosen to play the virgin bride while Jake and Dinos Chapman (English conceptual artsist) will be introduced into the pivotal roles of the vicars performing the service.

Over the next few nights, ShowStudio will release a series of Nick Knight’s interpretation of Joe Corré’s script in stills and film.

Ohh we can’t wait, but Kate as a virgin bride? Seriously.

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  • kpriss says:

    kate is no more a virgin bride than the ads are bridal or bridal-referral. It’s more creepier than I would have ever thought and hearing people saying it’s artsy or beautiful makes me understand why they don’t marry these days. Or why they do it and divorce days, weeks or months later…It’s more “bridal massacre” than “the most beautiful ….. “

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