Jean-Paul Gaultier to add his two cents worth during Eurovision 2008

In the past French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier has dressed entrants into the kitschiest of all singing contests, Eurovision, in the past but this year he’s taken his involvement to the television screens of the French in a role he’s not quite known for – a television commentator.

Gaultier will be on the screens of French TV channel, France 3, for the finals of Eurovision on May 24. But don’t for a second think he’s doing this for the publicity. He’s a self confession childhood fan of the patriotic singing competition!

“I have watched Eurovision ever since I was a child,” he said. “[Acting as a commentator is] a pleasure and almost a childish dream.”

While the French might not be happy about their contestant, they surely must tune in just to hear Gaultier’s commentary on the fashion, if not the music.

For those who don’t quite know what Eurovision is, think American Idol, but pitting European country representatives against each other in a continent wide competition. To give an example of the kitsch factor, Abba entered one year and won with the song Waterloo.

See below for Eurovision 2006 winner, Anna Vissi’s, performance to get an idea of the kitsch factor – Vissi wore a Gaultier designed outfit for her performance.


  • Lisa says:

    This could be interesting, I wonder if he would be describing the outfits or have sarcastic commentary.

  • angelaseeangelablog says:

    LOL… WTF!
    JPG should be made ‘VIP only’ no one else can pull it off.

  • Vicky says:

    I totally agree with you on eurovision being king of kitsch and sorry for the correction but that 60 year-old drag queen Vissi never won.I should know, I’m Greek.Eurovision here is like the event of the year…so sad…

  • Chen says:

    Dude, remember Lordi with hard rock hallelujah? They won in 2006. Clearly Helen you are not a Eurosong devotee 😉

  • Helen says:

    Oops! Thanks for letting me know guys. I think I actually watched the show in 2006… the Swedish rockers won right?

    Did you guys watch Eurovision 2008? I forgot it was on! Which probably isn’t a bad think 😉

  • Chen says:

    Lol Finnish but that’s okay close enough 😛 Then Serbia won last year and this year the Russian dude won. Sorry I love Eurovision, it’s the funniest thing on television. Too bad it’s only once a year.

    I’m saving this years for relaxed weekend viewing. You can download it online for a good laugh 😀

  • Stella says:

    Anna Vissi is by far the best singer in Greece for 30 years now. She has ALWAYS been the front runner, and it is now coincidence that she is known as “GREECE’s Madonna” and “THE ULTIMATE GREEK SUPER STAR”.

    What is really pathetic is the miming queen, that dreadfuly talentless DESPINA VANDI (according to Vicky’s calculations she is now around 50 !). She has been known as a copycat, always living in the shadow of Vissi, as a parasite. Her career, the little she achieved is now over as her latest album flopped like no other !!!!

    Never made it to No.1 of the official charts and quickly disappeared, as if it was never released.

    SAD !

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