Gemma Ward – the Dollfaced stranger

It’s just her second movie, but Gemma Ward, who recently starred in the Black Balloon, will be back on the big screen in The Strangers with Liv Tyler.

Playing a masked stranger, the ‘alien’ faced Australian supermodel’s character was aptly named Dollface. According to a review, Dollface is a “masked girl ghost” and in one scene is persistently knocking at the front door of Liv and her on screen husbands house, demanding to speak to someone who doesn’t exist…


We’ve seen the trailer for the movie, but here’s a actual snippet from the movie with Liv’s character Kristen speaking to Dollface… the movie hits US cinemas on May 30th, will you go see it?


  • angelaseeangelablog says:

    I’m reallly not into scary movies and the movie doesnt shoe her face. so Blahh it’s a miss for me

  • Chen says:

    Liv Tyler gets more and more beautiful every time I see her. For her I’ll be watching this one 😀

  • Lisa says:

    Shame you can’t see Gemma’s face. I’m over horror movies, but I might see this when it comes out on DVD

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