Zac Posen the fragrance and the dance?

Zac Posen has been getting quite a few inches in Page Six’s columns of late. The young designer seems to be busy creating his first fragrance and creating inventive new ways to heat up the dance floor.

“I’m getting ready for a fragrance launch as well. It should be done by December – it will be huge!” Posen told Page Six the Diffa dinner at Skylight Studios last week.

Then the gossip column spotted Posen dancing up a storm a week later doing some martial art-like moves n the dance floor.

“He looked like he was doing ninja moves over and over and then he started teaching everyone else what he was doing,” said one partygoer. “He was in jeans and looked like he hadn’t shaved in a week.”

Can we be expecting ninja style clothes from Zac’s next collection then?