Zac Posen for Target Australia IN STORE tomorrow!

If you’re in Australia tomorrow, get down to a Target store near you and cross your fingers it will stock some of the Zac Posen for Target Australia collection because it is IN STORE TOMORROW. Check out the Designers for Target website for a list of stores stocking the designs.

If you’re not in Australia, keep refreshing eBay Australia and hope they ship pieces overseas.

Now… how do you think the collection will sell? Australian designer, Jenny Bannister thinks the collection won’t sell because the designer known for his amazing red carpet designs doesn’t appeal to “bogans” and most Australian’s who rushed into Target for Stella McCartney’s pieces probably “didn’t even know what real Stella McCartney looks like.”

Are you heading down to Target tomorrow – what pieces do you have your eye on?


  • Elizabeth says:

    Who on earth is Jenny Banister??!? I thought her remarks were uber-snobby! The people queuing up at Target to get their hands on Zac Posen are obviously aware of his name and designs and are not nessesarily the same people who line up at target for stubbies and thongs.

    I also read another comment by the so called “Jenny Bannister” claiming the people who buy from target are the uneducated. How can one assume that people who wish to own designer pieces without making a life-time investment are less educated than those who can afford to splurge on Zac Posen couture? It sounds to me like “Jenny Banister” needs a bit of publicity to get a name for herself and is riding the coat-tails of Zac Posen’s target collection to do so!

    Whether it makes me a bogan or not, I am hoping to get my hands on a “whisper white” silk blouse, the cute tailored jacket and wide leg pants and the pleated silk skirt.

  • Kate says:

    Well judging by the crowds this morning at Broadway, Jenny is completely wrong.

    As the doors opened there were about 40 of us waiting and more filed in in the next half hour. The crowd was a mix of huip young things, women in business suits and more mature women – which is what I expected.

    I personally walked away with $500 worth of stuff. I wanted more, but I am supposed to be culling my wardrobe, not adding more.

    Personally I think it is the highest quality and best fitting collection Target has done so far. The fabrics are divine and the cuts are lovely. And judging by the way people were snapping up pieces, the masses agree.

    I bought the winde pants and matching jacket in brown (I was going to get black, but I already have black suits, and I may get the skirt later on if it is still available), the red pussy bow shirt (wanted it in cream as well, but decided one was enough and I have other white shirts) and the ponti dress in black (wanted it in red as well, but again – one is enough). These items are the ones I initially intended to buy, so I am very pleased. The wind legged pants are beautiful – I thought they would make me look frumpy, but not at all.

    The cute ottoman dress was so very Scarlet Johansen – gorgeous! I didn’t even bother with the dressier style dresses – I have too many dresses! Instead I stuck to the tailored stuff. I did also try the grey gersey drape dress and it looks better on than I expected. I loved the green flapper dress, but I didn’t let myself try it on. The attention to detail in the stuff is just beautiful.

    Bravo Zac and Target. You designed a beautiful quality collection for a great price.

  • angela94 says:

    i went (im from melbourne). no one bought anything most of them tried stuff on and put it back.

    i didnt really like anything. the pants were too big for me. he made it aimed for size 12-14s im size 6/8. sad. very sad

  • Kate says:

    How can you say he designed for 12-14s? Most of the people at Broadway were 10s and were lapping it up. The wide legged pants were the only item that I found you might need to go down in size in. I actually found the sizing slightly small. I am usually a 10-11 but bought 12s in everything bar the wide pants, which were a 10. Though I did buy the tailored stuff and it is always better to buy tailored with extra room.

    I am wearing the suit to an awards ceremony for work tomorrow and to a work related breakfast. I hope no one else wears it!!

  • Lish says:

    I got a call Re the Red Ottoman dress $299 I get it within 2 weeks did anyone else??

  • Kate says:

    Oh wow!

    I didn’t enter the draw. Though I would theoretically love it, I already have too many dresses I don’t wear… and I had NO IDEA where I would wear that dress! It would be great for a ball or some sort, but I am afraid I have never received an invite to one of those. I wish I could have tried it on though!

    So which colour are you getting and where are you going to wear it?!

  • nis says:

    hello what size did you get the red ottomon dress in? would you ever think of hiring it out because i would love to borrow it!

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