Ugg boots trap a woman on train tracks

Ugg boots are hailed all over the world as a really warm and comfy shoe, but who would have guessed that it would cost one woman’s life?

A woman was killed this week in Essex in England because one of her Ugg boots got stuck as she was walking across a railway crossing and was hit by a train.

Here’s and shortened version of what the Telegraph had to say of the horrific incident:

Two men, including her boyfriend, made a desperate attempt to pull her free as the train approached but had to jump clear before they got her to safety. The 29-year-old woman, whose first name was Kelly, was trying to get over a crossing to a Tesco superstore when her foot became stuck between wooden slats.

Jonathan Smith, 18, an IT student, described how the woman and her boyfriend tried to cross after the barrier was down at Hythe railway station in Colchester, Essex. “She got her foot stuck. I saw the train coming and I just thought, I’ve got to save her. I went through and grabbed her hand and got her foot out. I had her in my arms, she was safe.”

But he said the woman then tried to get to the other side to join her boyfriend and was hit.

Mr Smith said: “She just curled up in a ball. I tried to help her but I slipped on the wet. I was still holding her hand when the train came.”

The woman’s distraught father, who refused to give his name, visited the scene and told onlookers: “Her Ugg boots got stuck.”

Matt Wilson, who was on the train, said: “It’s awful. It is such a dangerous crossing. People chance it all the time. They just push back the barrier and run over. I’ve done it before – loads of people do it.”

Read the rest of the story here.

No matter the shoe, a life is worth much more. Our thoughts are with Kelly’s family.

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    WHAT?????? omg thats just sad. ugg boots are hidious and should never leave the house.

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