The news reports are wrong

Now my Australian visitors may know that I have been accused of being a bitchy gossip blogger about the magazine industry (or hacking the blog in question).

But I want to clear up a few facts:

  • While The Daily Telegraph said I was an ACP Intern, I wasn’t. I did work experience for a week back in 2003 or 2004. I don’t think I garnered enough gossip or contacts to write a whole blog (or a job).
  • I did work in magazines, but for a women’s magazine which focused on warm stories and had a celebrity free policy. I left in December last year and haven’t worked in magazines since.
  • My current full time job is not in magazines.
  • None of my friends were on Merrick & Rosso this morning.
  • I wouldn’t know how to hack a website. Ok so I blog, but do I know understand the fine art of hacking? No.
  • And if you all don’t believe me, while the gossip blog in question was being “un-hacked“, I was out having fun with friends with no access to the computer. I’m sure any of the four people I was having dinner with will happily say I was sitting in a Thai restaurant for most of the night.

Please journalists, before you point the finger ask me or do some googling.

You would have to be a magazine insider to pen that blog, and unfortunately, I’m not.


  • Kitty says:

    Cheers Helen!

  • Kim says:

    OMG, nice reporting The Daily Telegraph! I didn’t know that you did a bit of hacking on the side Helen 😉 What a load of toff!

  • Chen says:

    Helen you are the least bitchiest fashion blog writer I have ever come across. Your stories are all clean, mostly positive and unbiased. I read SB because it’s a happy place to be. Everyone else is just jealous honey.

    Please keep up the good work!

  • Lisa says:

    Hear hear Chen. I agree 100%

  • tania, says:

    Don’t let it get to you Helen – all publicity is good publicity after all! Enjoy it and know that anyone who reads your blog can vouch for you being a lovely, non-bitchy person.

  • supporter says:

    Hi Helen, you’re a true lady and this will all blow over very soon. Just think about it this way…. next week it would have happened seven days ago.

  • Rachel says:

    It must be irritating being asked about being MagHag, but you know what?! it is GREAT publicity!! 😉

  • Marie says:

    Chen and Tania you put that so well. I for one will keep reading your fabulous blog.

  • Mimi says:

    I highly doubt you would waste your time with something like that when you have this precious baby to work on in-between working a full-time job!

  • A Maybus says:

    The whole story is quite hilarious, though, isn’t it? Whoever did it has really thrown the cat among the pigeons and the fake nails must be flipping off! Actually, it is almost an honour that they think you are capable of creating such chaos. Bring on the publicity. This blog is great and it is one of my must-reads.

  • Shannon says:

    It can’t be you Helen – Maghag is actually entertaining!

  • Helen says:

    Thanks Shannon, each to their own.

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