Temporary Ksubi store wins Interior Design Award

Ksubi’s ‘The Bombed Mache’ pop-up store in Melbourne, Australia has won the top prize at the Interior Design Awards 2008.

The store was designed and created by Ksubi together with Herbert Mason Architects and made with reused materials. Designed to reflect the impermanence of retail design, the store followed the brands “anti” them with an anti retail therapy aesthetic.

“The concept challenges formal design and architecture. It focuses on salvage and ‘mash’ culture, with its cut-and-paste ethos creating the interesting, the unpredictable and the esoteric, ” a Ksubi spokesperson told Ragtrader. “The collaborative design between fashion designer and architect skews the constraints of traditional store design, and the result is redolent of ‘homeless chic’.”

“Eighty per-cent of the shop is constructed from refuse and throw away materials. The entire design is customised and hand crafted to render materials beyond their original means of recognition or expectations.”

The Bombed Mache store is located at 1021 High Street, Armadale in Melbourne, Australia.