Stella McCartney signs new sunglasses deal

The Stella McCartney empire is set to expand on an even more lucrative scale thanks to her new licensing deal with the Luxottica Group to produce sunglasses.

Stella McCartney eyewear was previously licensed to Safilo since 2003, but this new 6-year agreement beginning from January 1, 2009, is said to be a much more lucrative with the opportunity to hit more retail outlet thanks to Luxottica’s reach.

“This new agreement is geared towards strengthening further the presence of Stella McCartney eyewear in the market and aimed to further increase the international development of the brand,” said Marco Bizzarri, CEO and President of Stella McCartney. “We are particularly pleased to partner with Luxottica, the leading company in the sector, and combine our experience and expertise to make it a particularly strong partnership.”


  • Kitty says:

    what is the big deal with Stella McCartney?!

    I admit some of her latest pieces for Adidas are pretty + adds an interesting dimension to sportswear but I think she is overated.

  • Sunglasses Guy says:

    Do you know if she is going to make her own line, or is going to make models for existing Luxottica brands?

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