Sassy Item of the Day: The Balenciaga Moon Bag

Balenciaga black goatskin Moon bag

Love it because: For starters, Gwyneth Paltrow has this beautiful leather bag, which is shaped in a similar style to the classic doctors bag. Made from luxurious goatskin leather it’s the combination of the gold tone hard ware and classic stylings that really bring this bag together into a must-have. It measures in at a nice comfortable 14″x8″x7.

While IT bags are going out of fashion, this is a bag that will last more than a few seasons at least, and Balenciaga have a great record with bags, just look at the continuing success of the Balenciaga Motorcycle / Le Dix bag.

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  • angela94 says:

    its nice or (noice as kath and kim would say) but it will not measure up to gucci.

    i see this on a average 9-5 mid 30’s woman. Not a fashionista

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