Nina Garcia doesn’t need Elle, she has Mode

Are you wondering where Elle’s Fashion Director, Nina Garcia, will pop up next after questions of her recent departure from the magazine?

Well she doesn’t need Elle when she has followed Project Runway 4 winner, Christian Siriano all the way to the offices of Mode magazine on Ugly Betty. It’s fierce. Watch out for little Amanda hiding behind the models all wearing original Christian Siriano designs.

P.S. This clip comes fresh after the news that Elle editor in chief Robbie Myers and Joe Zee will appear on Ugly Betty too in the season 2 finale. Word has it that they will be at the charity softball game between Elle and Mode magazine with Naomi Campbell appearing as a designated hitter while Wilhemina Slater, played by Vanessa Williams, will be a pitcher.


  • Mimi says:

    when IS ugly betty making a comeback on australian tv??? hmm

  • Kara Stone says:

    Seems like there’s enough drama to go around… check out pictures of Naomi on the set of Ugly Betty on

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