Miranda Kerr signs on to be David Jones’ brand ambassador

Australia’s first Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr, has reportedly signed a six-figure deal to be the brand ambassador for David Jones, an Australian department store chain.

While the news has not been officially announced, it’s widely believed that the young model has secretly signed on for the deal while she was in Australia over Christmas. It would see her taking over from outgoing brand ambassador, Megan Gale, as the store looks for a “generational change”.

Kerr has made the occasional appearance for the department chain, most recently modeling the more youthful looks in David Jones’ Autumn/Winter 2008 catalogue alongside Gale.

Is there anything this young model can’t do? She models lingerie (while smiling on the runway), has snagged one of Hollywood’s hottest actors, and landed her first major international magazine cover thanks to British Harper’s Bazaar.


  • angela94 says:

    *BANG* you might not have seen that but i just banged my head on my laptop(on purpos). o miss megan already. i really dont like miranda anymore. too ‘commercial’ as a models obsessed 14 year old would say(me).

    it’ll be really odd i think.


  • Kitty says:

    This should make it interesting as Miranda will make Myer’s Jennifer look ‘old’.

    I still like Gemma better…
    But Miranda has her charm I guess.

    What is she doing with Orlando though?!

  • Dusk says:

    Hmm…so David Jones is going after Myer’s demographic?
    Miranda, although gorgeous, has a less sophisticated look than Megan. Are the eastern suburbs doyennes going to go for it or just ignore and head straight for the 7th floor?

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