Karl Lagerfeld to feature in Grand Theft Auto

Chanel’s creative director is set for another transformation, this time from human to computer game character for Grand Theft Auto.

Before your mind drifts into what you could get Karl Lagerfeld to do in the game (i.e. stealing, hurting people), his contribution to the game is as the game’s radio station DJ.

WWD is reporting that Lagerfeld called the encounter a “friendship at first sight.” He didn’t hesitate about participating. “They are the games of our times,” he said. “Those games in a way changed the world.” He chose his favourite electronic and dance music for the game and even recorded a selection of his rapid-fire commentary.

Now can’t you just see the likes of Paris Hilton getting ideas to make a computer game version of herself – where the player gets to play Paris Hilton and the point is to hit up as many shops and bars as possible in one day.