It’s official: Collette Dinnigan to design lingerie for Target Australia

Last month it was rumoured that popular Australian evening wear designer, Collette Dinnigan, would design a lingerie collection for Target Australia. The news was been confirmed today with more details released to the public.

Set to be called Wild Hearts (like her collection for Marks & Spencer in 2006), the Dinnigan lingerie collection will make her designs available to a wider Australian audience, and unlike their Designers for Target collaborations, this one will reportedly last until the end of 2008.

“My teaming with (Target) was never a one-off,” Dinnigan said to the Courier Mail. “I wanted to do this with a company that could grow (lingerie) as a big department in their stores, and I think, especially in lingerie, they need a good quality product. I always thought there’d be two reactions: ‘Oh my god, why Target?’ and ‘Fantastic, we can get it at a good price’.”

The collection will include fancy lingerie at Target prices, watch out for French knickers, corsets, chemises, balconette and plunge bras, briefs and boy shorts in champagne, cream, raspberry, black and chocolate.

The collection will be launched in selected Target Australia stores on April 17 – just two weeks after the Zac Posen for Target Australia will be launched.



  • angela94 says:

    OMG target it trying so hard to be cool…

    if target was a person at school she/he’d be the semi popular tryhard.

  • JessicaR says:

    Indeed!! It will be interesting to see whether or not the prices will actually be that different, and if so how the product will change (and it will have to) as far as fabrics etc.

  • Kate says:

    The range is up on the website and the prices are more than normal Target prices and about half of what you would normally pay for Dinnigan. The range is gorgeous. I will definitely be checking it out.

    And I don’t think Target is being “try-hard” at all! I love my designer gear and I am all for high-street (or not so high street) collaborations. If they can bring me great quality (which they usually are) and well designed clothing (ok, so the Stella McCartney range maybe not so much) then I am all for it! I own a dress from the Alice McCall for Target, four of the Josh Goot pieces (silver jacket, black hoodie dress/jacket and two sinlets), one of the Yeojin Bae dresses and two belts and two of the Gail Sorronda tops. The Yeojin Bae and Gail Sorronda I hung out for until they went on sale and got for a massive bargain price.

    I’ll be at Zac tomorrow too. I love the ruffle blouses and the ponti dress.

  • Helen says:

    Let me know how you like Posen, Kate. I might pop into Broadway tomorrow on my lunch break. I was at Broadway tonight and saw them setting up for the Posen stuff (same location as the last stuff), and the empty racks were rather uninspiring. haha.

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