Heidi Klum says America wants her to dress them

One of the challenges Heidi Klum has set for Project Runway contestants has been to redesign US Postal uniforms in season 1, and according to the show’s host, America wants her to redesign their work uniform.

“I go to the same Starbucks every day in Beverly Hills and they’re like, ‘Can you please tell them that we want to have new outfits?'” Heidi said recently. “I sit in American Airlines, same thing. I get it all the time. Those chains or big companies, they always come to me. It would be fun, because so many people would see the results.”

While it’s a cute idea to have Heidi Klum design your work uniform, what experience would she have in fashion design?

More importantly, would Nina Garcia and Michael Kors like it?

I sincerely hope the quote has been misquoted and Starbucks and American Airlines workers don’t want Heidi herself to design their uniforms. Especially with the Van Cleef & Arpels lawsuit against her jewelery designs.


  • M D says:

    Why, I am sure it’s jealousy and envy.and a stupid question , Who in your opinion is more expert than heidi klum (THE STYLE ICON OF THE year) in fashion designs, unless you think you are the one but lost your way ,and about that lawsuit we all know and may be you too “assuming that you are blind” we all know that it’s a bad joke no body gave a damn to it and heidi still showing and selling her collection in all her shows “PR” & “GNTM’ with not any more talking about that funny stupid lawsuit,So be fair and stop imagining things and believe it..by the way any asshole can write about fashion but not anyasshple can ban a fashionist or a new tim gunn.anyway heidi did not said that she wants to design she just asked them to be stylish ,only!!

  • Fiona says:

    You’re a freak MD. What do you want to get into Heidi’s knickers or something?? She is not even a fashion DESIGNER. She just WEARS designer clothes.


  • AnonTwit says:

    MD, Fiona, puhleeze.

    Get lives! Now!

  • JessicaR says:

    Doesn’t sound like they actually wanted her to design the uniforms, I guess they assumed she would obviously be in touch with some of the greats and hopefully mention something. If I had to wear a starbucks uniform I guess I would clutch at straws too.

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