Elizabeth Hurley in her 13th year as Estee Lauder’s face

Thirteen is often seen as an unlucky number, but for Elizabeth Hurley, thirteen is the number of years she has been a face for Estee Lauder. And she celebrated last week with the launch of her latest campaign for Estee Lauder’s Perfectionist [CP+] Wrinkle Lifting Serum (pictured above right).

While selling wrinkle cream isn’t exactly what Hurley would have planned for herself, the 42 year-old actress/model has been with the company since she was 29 and fronted numerous campaigns for Estee Lauder fragrances, cosmetics and skin care products.

“I feel unbelievably moved – and old – to be here,” Hurley joked at the launch party for her latest Estee Lauder campaign last week. “I was so gauche when I arrived in America. At my first meeting with Estée Lauder, I had forgotten my hairbrush and had to borrow my friend’s boots.”

And according to Estee Lauder, the Hurley partnership is one of the longest running cosmetics contracts to date.

“Her 13 year tenure with us is a near record in the beauty industry and we are very proud of our relationship,” says Evelyn Lauder, Senior Corporate Vice President, The Estee Lauder Companies. “Elizabeth’s popularity with the consumer is at an all time high. She is a marvelous spokeswoman not only for the Estee Lauder brand but also for the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.”

As well as fronting the Perfectionist serum campaign, Hurley will be joined by fellow Estee Lauder spokemodels, Gwyneth Paltrow, Carolyn Murphy and Hilary Rhoda in Estee Lauder’s new Sensuous fragrance campaign which is set to communicate sensuality at any age.

What was the most interesting fact I came to learn about Hurley was that she has an organic farming project in Gloucestershire, England where she will be producing Hurley meat and Hurley Lamb on a 400-acre farm.

Would you eat Hurley Meat?

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  • Sally Stipp says:

    I have been an Estee Lauder comestic user since the mid 1960’s. At the age of 19 or 20, Estee came out with a new moisturizer called Swiss Performance. As I recall, I used another Estee’s moisturizer before Swiss Performace hit the market, but it has been too many years to remember what the moisturizer was called.

    Regardless, you can do the math to see how long I’ve been a true fan of Estee Lauder and I feel my Estee cosmetics has done me well over the years.

    If you need a face to model the first Estee Lauder moisturizer and foundation I would be happy to talk to you. Perhaps the aging baby-boomers need a ‘lift’ to make them feel young again. I’m 61, and I thank Estee Lauder for her wonderful moisturizer over the years that kept my skin looking great 🙂

    Elizabeth, keep up using her products because they do work when age sits in. A true believer for years.

    Sally Stipp

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