Collette Dinnigan, Alice McCall and Peter Morrissey do hair with Sunsilk

Australian designers are clammoring to collaborate with Sunsilk to help Australian women get shiny soft hair with their annual Ready To Wear shampoo and conditioner collections.

The designers enlisted to fuse fashion with hair care in the 2008 run are Collette Dinnigan, Alice McCall and Peter Morrissey who all designed their own unique bottles that best reflect their brands.

“It’s an amazing brand extension for me, I love the fact that young girls can access and experience my Alice McCall brand through the SunSilk hair range, it’s been a really fun project and I’m loving the shampoo and conditioner, it’s really cool,” said McCall who’s set to launch a collection with Britian’s TopShop in May.

“It was really great to be able to work on an exclusive formula’s – not only does my Simmer & Shine have shine crystals but also my exclusive Cashmere extracts,” added Dinnigan who is about to launch her Target lingerie collection in just under 2 weeks in Australia. “We look forward to building on this collaboration and brand synergy in the future.”

Each designer worked closely with Sunsilk to perfect their own formulations which all include light reflecting crystals for shine, while Dinnigan personalised her Shimmer and Shiny formulation with cashmere extracts for softness, McCall’s Shiny Lover features silk softening extracts, while Morrissey’s Mirror Shine has softening satin extracts.

“We are delighted to be working again which such an amazing level of Australian Fashion Designers in Collette, Peter and Alice. The bottles look amazing, and this year through the television commercial we have been able to bring the designers and their hero SunSilk models together in a real fashion moment on the SunSilk catwalk set,” said Sunsilk’s Marketing Manager, Briar Taylor.

Each bottle will be available at most supermarkets and Priceline stores from next week with a RRP of $5.99 each. They all follow in the footsteps of Wayne Cooper, Bettina Liano and Akira Isogawa who designed hair care collections in 2007.


  • Rachel says:

    Its a very interesting marketing move, but you’d want to make sure your brand of shampoo didnt burn anyones hair 😉

  • Chen says:

    They are fashion designers, what would they know about the chemicals in shampoo and conditioner? These collaborations are so gimmicky and ridiculous.

  • JessicaR says:

    Interesting, I must say I would feel like a twit buying them though.

  • Marie says:

    I love the idea of these, the bottle are a lot prettier than last year’s. I’d be willing to try them out – it’s only $6 a bottle, not $600 like a Alice McCall dress!!

  • Marie says:

    – I tried the range out last year. Not too bad for a supermarket shampoo and conditioner but if I need a designer fix I will save my money and buy what the designers know well – fashion and stick to buying my shampoo and conditoner from my hairdresser.

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