Catherine McNeil for Christian Dior Jewelry

Catherine McNeil, the Giorgio Armani advertising campaign favourite, has branched out to become the face of Christian Dior Jewelry. The Australian model was photographed with luscious brunette locks, complete with a fringe wearing Dior’s collection of fine jewellery for their print campaign.

While I love the shots, I don’t love the jewellery. Sure it’s very pretty and girlie, but it’s nor opulent or luxurious to  me and have a slightly kitsch feel don’t you think?

[Images from TFS]


  • sass says:

    No, I’m not big on the jewellery either. The ones on the left look like they’ve been made with playdough, albeit very skilled playdough crafting.

  • Chen says:

    It screams hip young thing party girl to me. She looks stunning though..

  • Kate says:

    Gorgeous pics and a gorgeous girl. The jewellery looks like junk though. I bet Diva start selling copies within two weeks.

  • Armine Abrahamyan says:

    I agree that the new collection is a little bit unusual, but I like the colors of the stones used in it!


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