Agyness Deyn gets not one but SIX i-D magazine covers

The more the merrier right? Well i-D magazine must have been thinking that when it approved SIX Agyness Deyn covers for their May 2008 issue.

Most models are lucky to score one magazine cover in their career, but model often dubbed “the new Kate Moss” will be pictured on six different i-D magazine’s May 2008 Icon cover, winking as per the magazine’s tradition (because their logo is similar to a wink).

And don’t expect to be relieved of Agyness coverage in the pages of the magazine, she was photographed by Terry Richardson and Nick Knight for two editorial spreads, and she even penned an essay about Vivienne Westwood. She’s not the only writer in the magazine either, her boyfriend, Josh Hubbard, and mother also write pieces about Deyn.

So are you sick of Agyness now?

[Images from TFS]


  • Kate says:

    I’ve always been a bit sick of her. I really don’t get the appeal. Yeah, she is “different” to most models, but that isn’t enough. I like that she has attitude, but as someone whose job it is to sell me something, she doesn’t do it.

  • TraxX says:

    I rarely get wrapped up on the latest It Girl model but for some reason Agyness does catch my eye. The only other models that Ive ever been captivated by have been Peggy Moffitt and Edie Sedgwick who have now become icons in pop culture. I dunno what it is about Agyness. Its not the hair with the dark eye brows. I guess maybe its the fact that she always seems like shes having fun in her pictures. Unlike most models who take the couture serious fierness to far, Agyness can be seen smiling and jumping in a lot of her pictures. So I guess what im saying is I think her success has come from the fact that she seems human.

  • Suz says:

    i’m over the ‘cum in the eye’ look. not hot.
    and i am not particularly fond of her. there’s no appeal for me.

  • kpriss says:

    Now, I’m not sick of her (yet). I still think she’s got a huge wreck-potential, it would be sad not seeing her actually blowing herself up (or fade herself into oblivion).

    Nice pictures 😉

  • angela94 says:

    urhhh. shes so commercial these says. i use to love her.before she was in all the mags and stuff.
    shes very high on the ‘models appeal you never get’ list on the fashion spot(aka TFS)

  • Dusk says:

    Um…I’m a bit behind the model scene…is Agyness Deyn her real name?? Seriously… lamb of God??
    She’s cute but I don’t get it. Still it’s not her fault that the fashion world thinks she’s ‘it’. (Same world that allows Victoria Beckham to exist.) Obviously the Brits are not over their 80s androgyny. She looks like a member of Bucks Fizz!
    The problem with ‘cutting edge’ is that it always dulls. Quickly.

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