Yet another Victoria Beckham for Marc Jacobs spring 2008 ad

Will the stream of images from the Victoria Beckham for Marc Jacobs spring 2008 advertising campaign never end?

We all were pleasantly surprised when all we saw of Posh Spice was her legs dangling out of a bag, we giggled when we saw her acting all doll like as she popped out of the bag and a stepped out of a shoe box. But we just don’t have the words for this latest ad.

The creativity and quirkiness in the first two batches were so high that this just doesn’t seem to go. What is with the feathered fringe/bangs topped off with a bow, and then the Marc Jacobs Mika bag she’s holding looks like the Stam bag has been mutated yet again in hope of making a few fast dollars.

What do you think?


  • Fashion Critic says:

    Hideous ad.

    I am glad everyone seems to hate this as much as I do

  • a dreamer says:

    not very flattering pics either.
    looks like a bad tan

  • Kate says:

    The photos are awful. She looks so much worse than usual! The dress is awful on her – the colour does not suit her at all. The hair?!?!? And what is going on with her scrawny toneless arms? Not to mention the abnormally high sitting cleavage. It is nearly at her neck!

  • Sophia says:

    the only word i managed to muster upon seeing the ad is “EW”. ew. ew. ew! will she just go away? she can’t really blame david for having affairs can she.

    the bag itself isnt so bad. but the quilted surface, turn lock and interlaced straps look just too much like Chanel. marc jacobs really is the master of ripping off other people’s designers.

  • Sophia says:

    i meant *ripping off other people’s designs.

  • kim says:

    i hate to bad mouth chanel since i love it as much as the next girl, and while the mika does share similarities to the iconic quilted bag, i say it’s more interesting, fun, young, fresh, and not as staid. the bag almost detracts from the not so flattering photo of posh.

    lastly, what designer hasn’t ripped off something from somebody else? old news…yawn.

  • Sophia says:

    yea i agree that the bag looks more fun and interesting and all, but it just isn’t very original and classic imho. and as fun and interesting as it is personally i don’t think this is an investment piece which will stand the test of time.

    yea it is indeed old news that designers rip off each other’s designs (remember Fashion Babylon?). but the way MJ did it is kinda shameless i have to say ( i’m sure he has tons of talent, so why did he have to resort to this?

  • angela94 says:

    this is teh EPITOMY of BAD!!!!!!!!!!! why doesnt he use Irina K? she was so cute in the daisy campaign

  • Marie says:

    imo the bag and the photo of posh are equally hideous…maybe using Victoria Beckam has been to well recieved for MJ and he is trying to make us not like the pics. I thought the first lot was cute this is just plain awful!

  • Chen says:

    Seriously how was this allowed to go to print??

  • lisa says:

    I don’t understand what he’s doing, either. Is it just that they’re friends, and they’re the only 2 who think it’s a good idea? Does he think her fame will help him? What is it?! They’re horrible pictures, and if there are jokes in them, I don’t get them.

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