Swarovski Crystal engagement ring / USB flash drive

I recently found my must have engagement ring (which will set some poor soul back over $100k) but for the fashion-aware geeks who haven’t found the ring of their dreams, try this Swarovski Crystal engagement ring on for size.

It’s Swarovski’s latest addition to their Active Crystals collaboration with Phillips, which already has spawned crystal USB hearts, locks and head phones.

These rings also come in necklace form, but we’re definitely prefer the rings. After all once the crystals are removed the rings can be joined and the info your storing on it can be transferred to the other ring. Sort of like a coming together of his and hers things?

We’re not sure the specific details like price and in store dates, but keep your eyes peeled to Swarovski.com and you might be able to buy one online.



  • Kitty says:

    it’s interesting watching companies like Swarovski trying to make themselves relevant in the 21st century. They aren’t doing too badly at all. What with the designer collaborations and now Phillips, it’s really quite clever.

  • Kate says:

    My boyfriend is against the whole diamond engagement ring idea, so I thought being a bit of a nerd he would much prefer this. He did! Until I told him the price tag. Doh! I won’t be getting one of these!

  • Christine Thoresen says:

    Royalty always gets colored gemstones; why does it have to be a diamond with a big price tag?

    Consider colored gemstones! After all, it’s not the price tag that counts: it’s the thought that goes into picking out the perfect ring for the perfect girl!

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