Rumor: Katie Holmes For Armani

Could Katie Holmes be set to design a clothing line? OK magazine is reporting that Holmes is set to launch a clothing line called Katie Holmes for Armani.

Say it isn’t so.

The magazine is reporting that Holmes is using her daughter Suri as an inspiration for the spring 2009 collection for toddlers, with a Fall 2009 collection set to include older children for Fall 2009, then women’s clothes and handbags for Fall 2010.

Apparently is will be on sale in department stores like Saks, Barney’s, and Neiman Marcus.

Could this be true?

Sure Holmes is often seen in Giorgio Armani’s designs but to go from being a celebrity face to a designer?

UPDATE! The rumors are false according to E’s Planet Gossip.


  • Kate says:

    Thank god the rumour is false. Just because a person looks lovely more often than not, doesn’t make them a DESIGNER. Not to mention I am sure she has a stylist who makes most of the decisions!

    Also, the thing that grabbed me immediately… the article claims Katie is an A-list actress. Aaahhh since when has she been an A-list actress? She may be an A-list celebrity, but I would not consider her up there with the likes of Cate Blanchett, Charlize Theron, Susan Sarandon, et al in acting terms.

  • angela94 says:

    phhewwww so ist not real. i eman if it was someone should shut the doors. i need 2 scream.

  • JessicaR says:

    Relieved this isn’t true,her appearance is a well constructed look…fit for the wife of Tom Cruise, not an inherent sense of style

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