Ksubi’s Google inspired website

Ksubi have always been the cool denim brand for girls like Mary-Kate Olsen and Lindsay Lohan. There is something about the denim brand that keeps people interested with their quirks and off center pranks/publicity stunts.

And just as they launch their new Google inspired website, they tell Style File that they hate the internet.

“Well, it’s a bit of a crock, isn’t it?” remarks George Gorrow, co-founder of Ksubi with Dan Single. So naturally they’re asked why they’ve decided to relaunch Ksubi.com.

“You’ll see when it goes live, but it’s a pretty passive-aggressive Web site. We wanted it to seem as low-tech as possible, like a first-generation Internet version of Google,” replied Single. “But we also wanted to emphasize that the web site is there to be functional. What I really can’t stand is web sites that are all marketing. ‘Brand positioning’ what have you. Bells and whistles. At Ksubi.com, you search for something, you find it, you buy it. Or not.”

The website redesign is very welcome, as their last website was like melting lava that just slide away as you hovered over it, leaving a horrible sounding blaring out of your speakers.

Though I wonder what Google’s lawyers have to say about the Ksubi site in comparison to their “first-generation” look.