Kate Moss to be dropped by Rimmel? The rumours start up again

Kate Moss’ Rimmel contract is being reviewed again, if the rumours are true, because the beauty brand is reportedly looking for a younger face.

The face of Rimmel since 2001, the partnership has weathered a few bouts of controversy during Moss’ drug allegations in 2005, with rumours that Rimmel wanted to replace Moss because she was too old in January 2007, and late last year when there were allegations that Moss’s lashes were computer-enhanced in an advertisement for Rimmel’s MagnifEyes mascara.

Rumoured replacement faces (who are all younger than Moss) are TV presenter Alexa Chung, Bond girl Gemma Arterton, as well as Lily Cole, Daisy Lowe and British model of the moment, Agyness Deyn

“She’s (Moss) been amazing for the brand, but they’ve wanted a fresh face, ” a source told The Mirror. “Alexa is one of the hottest faces out there. Not only is she beautiful, she’s savvy, sexy and has bagloads of attitude. ”

But Rimmel were quick to dispel the rumours.

“Kate remains the face of Rimmel London and will continue to appear in campaigns for the foreseeable future, ” sauid Emmanuelle Bonte of Rimmel. “Rimmel London has no plans to replace Kate. We are very happy with the collaboration.”

Even if the rumours aren’t true, Moss’ contract is set to expire at the end of this year.

Do you think the rumours are true? If so, who do you want to see as the face of Rimmel?


  • Tashina says:

    I can’t even imagine Kate not being the face of Rimmel! I don’t think that they would do it though. They are so dependent on her face as their selling point.

  • Orsi says:

    I agree, Tashina, Lily Cole, Agyness and the others might be younger but no-one sells better than Kate Moss. Let’s face it, she is not just “model of the moment”, she is basically the topmodel of the 90’s and so far, the 2000’s…

  • Mick says:

    I will stop buying Rimmel products if they drop her. I love her adverts and commercials.

  • angela94 says:

    as much as i hate Kate. She still very much suits the Rimmel look.

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