Karl Lagerfeld photographs Raquel Zimmermann for Fendi FW08

Karl Lagerfeld has everyone on the web quite excited – he has been spotted around New York shooting advertising campaigns for the fashion houses he oversees. Claudia Schiffer (sporting a short black bob) was first photographed over the weekend in Central Park for Chanel’s fall campaign, then earlier this week he was aiming his lense at Raquel Zimmermann in Madison Square Park for Fendi’s fall campaign.

This video shows Raquel swinging a Fendi bag (which looks very much like a Chloe Edith) before a giant Fendi logo statue is set up for her to pose in front of. Watch Lagerfeld at work surrounded by dozens of people, can you spot which are the security guards, the Fendi folk and the spectators?

If you’re thinking of finding Lagerfeld at work, please be warned Page Six reported that one paparazzo didn’t fair too well against the security men when he started taking pictures himself.

Yesterday, spies near Broadway and 25th Street saw Jay-Z and Lagerfeld at a photo shoot for the new Fendi campaign (which features the hip-hop mogul). “A paparazzo lurked from out of the shadows and started snapping away at them,” said our witness, “and out of nowhere, one of Lagerfeld’s guys just threw him to the ground.”


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  • angela94 says:

    ohhh go karl… im sure its gonna be another great campaign. but such a shame they are using the same girl, im sick of zimmer glimmer

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