DKNY jeans teams with Paul Pope for 2089

DKNY have teamed up with graphic artist Paul Pope for a men’s clothing collection entitled, 2089.

Called 2089 because the collection is based on New York City in 2089 (100 years since DKNY’s creation) it is also where a futuristic love story takes place against the collision of nature and industry in a series of graphic prints.

The collection is set to fuse the world of comics and fashion where the prints are updated camouflage, and the graphics on tees, jackets and hoodies melds sci-fi with the prehistoric.

“I see this line as a way of stealing Pop back from Warhol,” said Paul Pope. “We’ve seen comics endlessly pillaged in the high art world and adapted to film, for better or worse. We’ve seen comics images quoted in fashion and copied in street art. Comics has a cultural currency all its own. But this is maybe the first time an actual cartoonist has been given the chance to launch his own brand, to build it from concept on up, to do it within the bounds of an established label such as DKNY Jeans. ”

“Identifying two mediums that have similar aesthetics and developing ways to meld them is part of the DNA of the DKNY Jeans brand. We are really excited about 2089,” says DKNY Jeans president Kevin Monogue.

The 2089 collection will hit stores in September and consist of 15 pieces, comprising of jackets, hoodies, pants and t-shirts set to retail from $32 for tees, to $145 for a military jacket.