Did you know Samaire Armstrong has a clothing brand called NARU?

You probably know of Samaire Armstong first as Anna Stern in The O.C. and now as Juliet Darling in Dirty Sexy Money. But did you know the young actress designs clothes for her brand, NARU, in her spare time?

NARU, meaning becoming in Japanese, was developed because “I didn’t want to wear things that other people were wearing. So, I started making clothes that would fall apart less easily,” she reportedly said of her line.

“In other words, I just started really trying to perfect clothes enough so they could be wearable through a whole day of school. Then I started making clothes for friends, and by my Senior prom, I was making prom dresses for my friends”.

No word on what her designs are like (i.e. casual wear, sportswear, etc) but reports are that it has been featured in the likes of Vogue, Elle, W, Cosmogirl and InStyle, with stockists in Hawaii and LA.

Looks like her fashion credentials (Armstrong reportedly studied fashion at one point) are a little more substantial than The O.C. alum, Rachel Bilson, who’s designing her first clothing line with DKNY.