Amy Winehouse sings at Fendi – and doesn’t know anything about fashion

Rumor flying around was that Amy Winehouse was set to perform for LVMH owned, Louis Vuitton, during Paris Fashion Week. But as it turned out, she was hired to perform at LVMH subsidiary, Fendi’s Paris flagship store on Avenue Montaigne store on Friday night.

According to ElleUK, the fashion pack were crawling over each other to get an invite. With Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Jessica Alba, Sophia Coppola, Rihanna, Kanye West and Karl Lagerfeld in attendance, why wouldn’t you?

Before Winehouse started performing, she declared “forgive my ignorance, I don’t know anything about fashion.” But she did know to wear something from the people hiring her for the gig – accessorising her D&G dress with a Fendi belt.

Let’s hope that she definitely is not planning to launch a fashion or beauty line then.

No doubt she was handpicked by Lagerfeld himself who was so inspired by her signature look that he recreated her beehive and winged eye liner in his Paris-Londres collection last year.



  • Kitty says:

    why is Amy Winehouse famous?
    why am I forced to see her face everywhere?

  • bowerbird says:

    She has a great voice…sadly, her rather tragic life eclipses her talent though

  • DevilRebel117 says:

    Why is Amy Famous? Her music sucks,she’s ugly and I guess I just don’t see the point. She has never done anything worth talking about. Everyone should just ignore her so she goes away.

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