Amsterdam’s 2008 stiletto heel foot race for €10,000

The ‘Stiletto Run’ was held in Amsterdam today down the Dutch city’s most famous fashion street, PC Hooft street.

125 young women entered race each other in the annual race in their stiletto heels – which have to be 9cm or higher – to win €10,000, but it wasn’t a clean race with a lot of pushing and elbowing to get to the end.

“At the start there was a lot of pushing, you really get elbowed over,” said Fauve Stukje, 18, who did not win or place.

The race was won by Tamara Ruben who got to the finishing line after beating everyone along the 350-metre distance.

To get to the finals in Amsterdam, preliminary heats were held in major cities in the Netherlands and Belgium earlier today, but with a therapists told that running on the balls of your feet was not healthy.

“You should only compete if you have spent a year training for the event,” says the therapist.

If I was crazy enough to run the race, I’d wear these bright Scorah Pattullo Victoria Woven Sandals which should hold my feet in. Or I’d just wear them and watch from the sidelines…

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  • Amy Clarke says:

    Wow, it creates such a fantastic visual image of hundreds of fashionistas clawing at each other to be the first over the finish line – would be awesome to watch.

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