When an artist inspires fragrance: Andy Warhol Union Square by Bond No. 9

Bond No.9 set out to create a series of 12 fragrances inspired by the life and work of Andy Warhol and New York city, first came Andy Warhol Silver Factory, followed by Andy Warhol Union Square this March.

Composed by perfumer Stephen Nielsen of Givaudan, the scent takes inspiration from Warhol’s portfolio of vibrantly colored flower screenprints developed at the first of his two studios at Union Square.

The scent is said to be ‘the sweet (and cool) smell of Pop Art’.

While most floral fragrances just hint at cool, and vice versa, this one is an ambi-sexual, daringly balanced mix of sweet and cool. Sometimes the gentle scent of lily of the valley seems about to prevail, looped together with blue freesia, golden amber, and animal musk to enhance its sensuality. At other times, crunchy green-stem notes and white birch wood are poised to turn this scent into one of pure, clean energy. But then the sweetness and the coolness merge, and stay merged.

Smell the scent for yourself come March 15, 2008 as Andy Warhole Union Square ($195 for 100ml; $135 for 50ml) hits Bond No. 9’s four New York Boutiques and Saks Fifth Avenue.