Sex and the City Movie goes to Bryant Park for New York Fashion Week


Mercedes Benz are giving New York Fashion Week attendees the chance to preview to preview film clips, wardrobe elements from the much anticipated Sex and the City the movie this week.

If you can talk your way into the tightly guarded front doors of New York Fashion Week, you’ll be able to find four mannequins dressed as Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha as styled by Patricia Field for the movie. Along with a sneak preview of movie scenes of the Sex and the City foursome attending fashion week – with Charlotte/Kristen Davis sporting quite a baby bump.

In front of each movie preview video, will be a Mercedes Benz – as featured in the movie. Kim Cattrall as Samantha is seen with the luxury GLK SUV, reportedly saying she loved the cars “tight little package” and admiring its “bulges in all the right places.” While Chris Noth is seen with a S-Class sedan, probably chauffer driven of course.

Meanwhile if your lucky to enter the Mercedes-Benz Star Lounge, you’ll find that the design was inspired by the movie and the tartan Alexander McQueen dress Sarah Jessica Parker wore to the Anglomania themed Met Costume Institute Gala in 2006.

Well, I think a trip to New York is in order for me, pronto.


  • Jael Paris says:

    John Galliano? I thought that was an Alexander McQueen.

  • Gwenevere says:

    So agree.I so miss Carrie & the gals from Sex in the City.But I have my own Mister Big drama w/ a fella named Roberto Mossier.Guess you could token phrase it ‘Sexless in the Vancouver City’

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