Sassy Item of the Day: Sof Sole Apara Gel foot pack

Sof Sole Apara Gel foot pack

Love it because: This is the ultimate feet saver pack for well heeled women. Seriously. This handy little pack contains everything you need to help you wear heels longer, keep upright, and keep the blisters and sore feet at bay for that much longer. It’s perfect for the perpetual party girl, or young women already planning their prom and party looks.

The pack includes:

Gel Steppies, instep cushions to slide under the balls of your feet; Gel Slingies, a clear inner sole for open toe shoes; Gel Heal Appeal, to stick on to the back heel of your shoe to help prevent blisters on your heel; Grippy Steps, to stick to the outer soles of your shoes to give you extra traction as you walk; and a pair of Spa Sport Light after sports socks.

Price: $ 44.95

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