Robert Lee Morris’ Andy Warhol Cosmos.Love.Death collection

February 2008 seems to be the month the launch Andy Warhol branded items. First the Bond No.9 Union Square fragrance, and now Robert Lee Morris’ Cosmos.Love.Death jewelry collection.

“Andy and I always shared a friendship and mutual admiration for each other. A fascination and passion for each other’s work and for the cool army of people we each had around us,” said Morris. “We used to exchange pieces of artwork and constantly share our ideas with one another at Artwear and The Factory. I am now most excited to be able to collaborate with him finally. However, with Andy it is about bringing a new kind of life to his iconic images and merging them into my signature graphic language.”

The new collection, Cosmos.Love.Death., is made up of stars, hearts, and skulls all inspired by Andy Warhol’s line drawings, but given a sense of fun and cheer combined with Mooris’ signature hammered look in a jewelry range. For an extra Warhol touch, each piece has been engraved with Warhol quotes about love and detail.

The collection will hit stores in May at specialty jewelry retailers with the sterling silver pieces set to retail $85 – $750 (much less than Erin Wasson’s jewelry collection). If you’re looking for gold pieces, a limited edition collection made out of 18k gold called Factory X will also be released.