Paul & Joe team up with Perrier

While Christian Lacroix teams up with Evian, fellow French designers Paul & Joe have teamed up with Perrier for another designer and sparkling-water brand collaboration. The limited edition collection of cans was designed by Sophie Albou, Paul & Joe founder, with the designs inspired by the Paul & Joe collections as well as retro French inspired prints.

“Perrier is well known throughout the world and it’s also a French drink, just as Paul & Joe is a French brand,” Albou said in a statement. “On top of that, Perrier evokes freshness, which is the key word for Paul & Joe – it’s the perfect combination!”

Known for their innovative ad campaigns and ingenious packaging, the Perrier and Paul & Joe partnership was one just waiting to happen. The Paul & Joe for Perrier water is available for a limited time in America (and maybe Europe, I will need to confirm) so keep your eyes peeled!

I wonder now that the French designers are into water, will a Italian designer team up with San Pellegrino?