Milan FW fall 08/09: Prada

Much has been said this week about Prada’s lady luxe fall 2008/09 collection at Milan fashion week. After last season’s “Trembling Blossoms”, Miuccia Prada takes the Italian brand into a world where it’s all about the women and her sexuality.

Some may call her lace dresses and semi sheer skirts racy, it’s just a runway look that will never we seen as a off the runway outfit. Who actually takes a runway look and wears it in their everyday lives? Maybe about 1% of the fashion pack, and that’s because it’s being photographed for the pages of a magazine or you’re at the designer sponsored event.

Watching the video I couldn’t help but be transformed into Prada’s fall world, where nothing was flat – the ruffles gave dresses a 3d puff, while the lace featured lace applique, with ruffles featured on the shoe to let them pop too. While I’m not the biggest of the lace leggings/trousers it was one of the most classy and luxe collection I’ve seen for a while.