LFW fall 08/09: Todd Lynn after-show party

Kate Gilbert reports from London Fashion Week

I am a simple creature and the words ‘Free Booze’ are enough to convince me to go to any old shin-dig, I think it is a relic from my student days (coupled with the fact I have absolutely no class). As a result, I jumped at the chance to go the Todd Lynn after show party (I didn’t get tickets to the show, but I did get tickets to the after show party… how does that work?!) I turned up at club Maya, in London’s Soho, in my most expensive fashion outfit (admittedly one I bought at 70% off at Selfridges… but shh.) I was pleased enough that the cloak room was free, but then I was confronted with a girl in a tiny jump suit doling out mojitos and crazy Zeck Zeck cocktails (named after Todd’s show looks); as you can imagine, I was a little bit excited.

Dirty Pretty Things belted out a great DJ set with crowd-pleasing numbers from Hot Chip to Blondie. Agyness Deyn, despite having to cancel some shows due to having conjunctivitis in her eye, was there all night wearing a tartan eye patch, which she wore at the House of Holland catwalk show earlier that day. Socialising with friends and dancing the night away, it appeared she is the only girl in the world who can rock the pirate look.

Designer Todd Lynn was clearly relaxed as he mingled around (followed by a documentary camera crew) with singer Lisa Moorish and burlesque dancer Immodesty Blaize. Apparently Mark Ronson was there as well, unfortunately our paths did not cross (else I might have pounced, I love a bit of Toft Totty). Dj’s Andy Amfro (Suizide Dogs) and Annalisa Astarita kept the night pumping, and, (I know this will make me sound old), to a very high volume! I could feel the bass beat race through my heart. A great night all round, despite the fact there were no goodie bags… what can I say?! I’m a free-loader, deal with it.