Jean-Paul Gaultier to design costumes for Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue is going on tour again for her European KylieX2008 tour and she’s asked French designer, Jean-Paul Gaultier to design the outfits.

The little tidbit was revealed by Minogue’s designer friend (and former stylist) William Barker.

“We’re working with Jean Paul Gaultier on the costumes,” Barker told the Daily Mirror. “The outfits are incredibly sophisticated – we are moving on to the next level, which is what she did with her new album ‘X’.”

“Jean Paul creates iconic pop fashion. What he did for Madonna’s tour was like a religious experience for me. It’s difficult for pop to remain young, so what’s the point? Kylie’s career is a constant evolution.”

The costumes are set to reflect Minogue’s more mature stage in her life with a sophisticated vision for the pop star who’s turning 40 in May.

I wonder what Gaultier will come up with, after all this is the man who designed Madonna’s cone shaped bra costume in the 1990s.