Get ready for a Halle Berry fragrance

The trend of celebrities launching fragrances, clothes, and accessories is continuing yet again. Now the one time face of Versace and Revlon, Halle Berry is set to launch a fragrance with beauty giant, Coty.

And not just one fragrance, according to WWD she is set to develop “a fragrance portfolio”.

“Halle is an iconic actress and symbolizes beauty to many generations,” Steve Mormoris, senior vice president of global marketing at Coty Beauty US. “She adds another dimension to the celebrity fragrance market. Halle has always been a little more mysterious, not quite as open with her personal life as some other stars. Her fragrances will allow her to present another facet of her personality to her fans.”

For those who want to smell like Berry, the first fragrance is expected to launch in spring 2009.

And this is not the end of the celebrity fragrance deals, with “Mormoris emphasizing that he does not see a slowdown in the celebrity beauty category”.

Gone are the days of fashion labels launching new fragrances, it seems it’s all about the famous faces. No wonder I haven’t brought a new fragrance in years, just new bottles of my all time favorites.



  • kartik says:

    I guess Halle Berry looks terrific in that cover. She is one hot babe! worth having on the cover.More than a fashion label, launching i guess fame precedes a launch… to get more eyeballs.

  • tanae says:

    eww!! put some clothes on hahha>>>

  • Tina says:

    What?! Did they say she’s not as open with her personal life?….that’s crazy. Her life is an opened book, especially her failed relationships/marriages.

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