First there was Bed Head, now there is Pet Head

From the company who brought us the popular salon brand, Bed Head, Tigi is releasing a new collection – Pet Head, grooming products, apparel and accessories for dogs.

“The Pet Head line is a trendsetting, edgy brand that reinvents the idea of the pet business,” said Steven Shweky, President of Pet Head.

The Pet Head line will include shampoos, crème rinses and sprays – each given cute names like “Dirty Talk” for shampoo or “Spoil Me” for a pampering treat. And once the pooch is clean, there is a wardrobe to pick out with four looks to choose from: City Soul, Punk Princess, Biker, and Grungy Pop. Each style includes a full doggy wardrobe, trendy accessories, fun toys, and fashionable carriers.

No word on when the collection will hit stores though.

Well if you care about hair in general, perhaps it isn’t a bad thing that you care about your dogs right?

[The cute dog pictured is Amber]


  • Kelly says:

    Wow. This is more than completely useless. And what happens when they lick their fur? That doesn’t sound healthy.

  • Mark Nolan says:

    A Pethead is the name given to the legions of extreme Pet Shop Boys fans… its not the name of a dog grooming product…..

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