Erin Wasson’s $1,000 plus Low Luv jewelry range

By now we’ve all heard about how Erin Wasson has been styling Alexander Wang’s fashion shows, with the addition of her chain inspired jewelry to his fall 2008/09 collection.

Last week, was invited to preview the rough/grungy jewelry collection (which wasn’t really visible on the runway) made mostly from chains then morphed into suspenders and super long necklaces, designed to accent an outfit by peeking through.

Now it comes as no surprise that Maybelline’s spokesmodel has her own jewelry collection, after all she is not a runway or advertising campaign regular anymore, but the price range is reportedly set at around $1,200.

That’s a little rich. Even when you factor in the fact that Evan Yurman reportedly helped source materials. It’s not like she’s designing jewelry which contains precious gems like Ivanka Trump’s line, though with Wasson’s grunge factor, it could mean the likes of Mary-Kate Olsen could be a fan.

The Erin Wasson Low Luv jewelry collection (it’s the name reported by Elle) is set to launch in Fall exclusively at Maxfields in LA.

Looking forward to it?


  • jackie says:

    I am definitely excited to see the collection! I love Erin’s style!!! She really has a cool unique edge.

  • Chen says:

    I agree with jackie, Erin’s usual rocker and metallic pieces mixed with beautiful soft fabrics is my inspiration at the moment. I do agree that 1200 is a little expensive though you’re right helen.

  • chrissy says:

    Actually, Erin allegedly ripped off Bliss Lau’s designs. Read this:

    Basically it says that she bought one of Bliss’s necklaces and then re-cast it and put it all over Wang’s Fall 08 runway. Bliss Lau has been designing these pieces since 2007. And they are more inexpensive. Erin = bad girl.

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