Erin Fetherston’s fall 2008/09 film to star Dunst and Deschanel

Instead of a big commercial or advertising campaign, Erin Fetherston always films mini movies to promote her new collections. And according to Faran at Nylon, the line up in her fall 2008/09 film will star Kirsten Dunst and Zooey Deschanel.

Inspired by Romeo and Juliet, the film will debut at Los Angeles Fashion Week on March 7.

I wonder who will play Romeo and who will play Juliet?

Past Fetherston films include the ‘Dollhouse’ which was a promotional clip for her Target collection, while Dunst stared in an Ellen Von Unwerth directed film entitled ‘Wendybird’ for her Fall 2006 collection – watch the six minute film below.

Wendybird, directed by Erin von Unwerth and staring Kirsten Dunst.

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  • KD says:

    she’s not so great in this, like most of her movies. Her face is so dead, it does not appeal to me. idk why it appeals to anyone really. She’s the worse one in this film.

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