Emporio Armani and Chanel, love all

Emporio Armani have just released an Armani branded tennis racquet (pictured above left).

Named ‘Dressed’ the racquet is “the perfect marriage of key technologies from Babolat, French specialist in tennis technologies and exceptional design from Emporio Armani, world famous Italian fashion designer. These industry leaders have combined their know-how into this prestigious tennis racquet resulting in the perfect balance of fashion and performance,” Babolat announced.

EA7 by Emporio Armani is available in an white, silver and black color combination with the Emporio Armani brand name on the throat. It’s exclusively at Emporio Armani boutiques.

While this is a very cool thing, didn’t Chanel design a tennis racquet for their sports collection a few years ago? It retails at almost $400, but features the Chanel signature Camilla flower at the throat with the double C logo emblazoned on the strings. And let’s not forget about the Chanel bike, surf board and football too…

Which would you prefer?



  • Kate says:

    At least the Armani is a Babolat, which means you’re hopefully getting a decent racquet. Though if you really wanted a decent raquet, you would get a straight Babolat at I am sure a much better price than one with Armani emblazoned across it.

    As for the Chanel, that flower would so get battered if you mishit a ball. SO IMPRACTICAL!

  • Chen says:

    EA7 looks like EAT… subliminal?

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