Designers show their political alliances

Which democratic candidate are you supporting? Whether your behind Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama, you can show your suppose with a print tshirt baring their faces.

NY Mag reports that Marc Jacobs is still in the Clinton camp, just like he was in 2004 when he designed tshirts to help her get reelected to her Senate seat. The tshirts have been released again and are for sale at Marc by Marc Jacobs stores for only $38. And of course proceeds will go towards Clinton’s presidential campaign.

If you’re in the Obama camp, like Ryan Phillippe, do you own a tshirt with Obama’s face on it? The poster was originally created by street artist, Obey, before being turned into a tshirt. There were originally only 900 made and handed out for free at political rallies, but have been put back on the production line where they are being sold for $25 at Upper Playground.

Hmmm… on one hand, one tee is Marc by Marc Jacobs, on the other hand I save $13 ;).

Do you have one of these tee’s?