Cutler and Gross for Mulberry – buy it now

As we previously reported, Mulberry were collaborating with renowned British eyewear design company Cutler and Gross. Now the five-style collection for men and women is available for purchase online now.

I love the bold plastic frames that hark back to the 1980s and 1990s with pink, red, orange and green coloured frames paired with tinted coloured lenses. If quirky cool sunglasses aren’t your thing, there are a pair of classic aviators. With cute names like Betsy, Francis, Jackie, and Debbie it’s time to check out the Mulberry website now and click on the Cutler and Gross logo to shop now.

While you’re there, check out the book by by fashion journalist Hadley Freeman entitled The Meaning of Sunglasses (and a guide to almost all things fashionable). I have yet to flick through my copy, but the cover sleeve is promising, saying that Freeman “has cracked the codes behind what we wear in a series of lightly philosophical and instructional mini essays to gladden the the hearts of everyone with a slight obsessive interest in fashion.”

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  • katerina dimitroglou says:

    I am interested for cutler and gross 0811 black.I cannot find them in a low price to buy them.All are too expensive(450$).Do you know where I find them?

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