Armani Dolci Easter Eggs, spring 2008

I thought designer Easter eggs were the ones made by the world’s best chefs from the world’s best ingredients, then stuffed with rare chocolate truffles in a mix of dark, milk and white chocolate. The outer shell would also feature an intricate design, perhaps in a chocolate nest too… Can you tell I have a slight thing for chocolate? My father is a pastry chef you see, so I grew up eating chocolate yet somehow can still fit into the smaller sized clothes on the market.

Forget everything you thought about designer chocolate, Armani is delving into the world of Charlie and his Chocolate Factory with the release of his mouthwatering Spring 2008 chocolate collection featuring the Armani Dolci Easter Eggs, in dark, milk, and white chocolate.

Each egg will feature an ‘A’ logo and the chocolates will come packaged in sugar blue metallic paper with a sky blue ribbon. To mark the fact that it is from the Spring 2008 collection, there will also be a Easter Dove made from a full kilo of fine chocolate.

The Armani chocolate collection will be available in Armani stores from February 16 to May 5.




  • Rita Linley says:

    I wish to purchase Armani Dolci Easter egg for my 18 years old daughter and perhaps myself! any ideas in England were i may be able to puchase?

    Mind you – it would be fun to say i could just pop over to New York to purchase them! ok only joking, that would be a dream idea! something I could ONLY wish to do!
    Thank you for your help & assistance in this demand……………

  • Helen says:

    Hi Rita, why don’t you give the Armani head office a call in London? If you can’t find the number, try giving the flagship Giorgio Armani boutique on New Bond St or Sloane St a call.

    Hope that helps!

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